Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Art of Anatomy

Daffy Duck and Liver
So, I think I'll work backwards...
The biggest news of 2015 was that of my Art of Anatomy series. It started out like this: While in Ultrasound school, we had assigned labs we had to turn in. When our instructor was explaining the freedom we were given in how to set the assignments up, she explained that one of her former students would turn her labs in on seasonal paper, "she must have been a scrapbooker or something." Well LIGHTBULB! My ideas started hatching immediately and I set a challenge to myself: to draw the very first thing that piece of anatomy reminded me of.


Christmas Dog Hepatic Veins
Dolphin Common Bile Duct
Donut Kidney
Fish Common Iliacs
Frog Kidney
Narwhal Gallbladder
Jellyfish Kidney
Mime Liver
Manatee Kidney
Broom Mid Aorta


To be continued...