Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parent Review - Moon Dough

Sincerely disappointed!

Completely inappopriate/frustrating for any child under 8. Horribly stinky - crumbles EVERYWHERE! Has the consistency of cotton candy - so dry. Hoping the sets (e.g., Farm Set, Puppy maker) work with regular Play-Doh. And really, can't really mess with the original.

Extra dissapointment as this was Santa's gift to the 3.5-yr. old. Even my nearly 6-yr. old had it everywhere. I'm the mom of two boys. Messes don't frazzle me, but this was pointless! Our two doughs that came with the puppy set are already in the trash - and really do I want to hold on to the other doughs that came with the Farm House for another 3-4 years? Guess I'll be testing that "never dries out" theory.

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