Monday, July 13, 2009

Custom Ornaments (186)

7/13-7/18 50 ornaments done!7/6-7/12 38 ornaments done
6/29-7/5 27 ornaments done
6/22-6/28 15 ornaments done
6/17-6/21 7 ornaments done
6/18 won't be posting every finished ornament, but here's the first couple....6/17 - 50 pair figure shapes cut out50 pair Husband and Wife Ornaments
for Karri Lee B.
$12.50 set
for November wedding
begun June 15, 2009


Christine D. said...

THey are so cute!!! I love them!

Meredith D.-L. said...


Quinn said...

Adorable ornaments!
I was just browsing through your store and saw these and fell totally in love.

Shana S. said...

Awesome!!! They are sooo precious!! I just love all the different materials.