Friday, September 26, 2008

Custom Quilts

Prices begin at $600 for crib size to $1,950 for a king.

Custom quilts, hand stitched from your old shirts. School alumni, sports teams, baby clothes, options are endless... Available in crib to king sizes. Remember these are hand stitched, please allow for generous time.

King size requires 25 T/or long sleeved kid/adult shirts down to 6 for a crib sized quilt. If using baby clothes for quilt, the quantity will be more. Email me for Custom Quilt request form, all specifics are detailed here. Pricing considers if base blanket is provided by you or not. Shipping of final product will be calculated as an insured package from my destination to yours.
This specific blanket is not for sale, this is only an example. To purchase a Custom Quilt, click on the following link

Custom Painted Furniture

Painted Furniture
*Notice, these are samples only - this particular table is not for sale, nor this particular bookshelf*

This will be a custom order. Customer and I will find specific piece of furniture and then shipping details.

This item is a Nautical bookshelf.
It has childs name and birthdate in the nautical alphabet on the sides of the bookshelf. Name is spelled out on the top. For girls, mermaids, shells, individual specifics can be ordered.
The second piece is a kitchen table painted to match mirror.
Price only reflects time involved for the artist process; piece of furniture and shipping are additional costs. Email me to discuss ideas. To purchase "Custom Painted Furniture" click on the following link

Custom Slippers for Sale

$35 pair (S-M) $40 pair (L-XL) plus shipping

small (babies) medium (toddlers) large (adults-women/teens) xtra large (adult men)

  • crocheted, stuffed, ribbon/string closure, nonslip bottoms
  • girls slippers have jingle bell flower
patchwork - any animal

Something missing? Let me know and chances are, I can do it...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Custom Slippers (170)

6 sets crocheted animal slippers

for Lauren Z.
$20.00 set

1. Lion slippers Newborn gift (male)
2. & 3. Bunny slippers twin (girls)
4. Tiger slippers (male)
5. Kitty slippers (girl)
6. Snake slippers (5 yr. old male)
Slippers 1-5 based on the following pattern Info:
designer: Sue Penrod
hook size: G4.5mm
gauge: 4sc = 1", 9 rounds of sc = 2"

Lion Slippers
begun September 10
finished September 13
Bunny Slippers
begun September 13
finished September 15
Bunny Slippers # 2
begun September 16
finished September 19
Tiger Slippers
begun September 19
finished September 21
Kitty Slippers
begun September 22
finished September 24

Snake Slippers
begun September 25
finished September 27