Monday, October 13, 2008


written March 1997

Sail away on misty blue cool and calm with sprinkles of water on burned shoulders, chest, crispy face while sunglasses slip down freckled banana tropical oil nose. Gulls above circling, dipping, open beak, sharp gray crook and jaw, cracking a clam, dropping into the sea that foams and smells. Smells like salty, fuzzy, sunburn, sweet but clear and God-deep. What's down there? I would never let myself go somewhere like that, I'm up here looking down and through. But I imagine I see skeletal clear fish with lights hung from a fishy scaled pole off their foreheads, gaping mouths with razor sharp teeth that aren't teeth at all but elongated bits of their skin, some protrude out of their mouths and come up to their eyes. Rocky and dead but crawling with life. I'm hungry and I picture shrimp salad back at the deck, in the marina and the waiter, I want to take him home with me. My sister likes him too. She's leaning on me now, snoozing lightly in a doze. She had to be careful with this sun, her skin coloring not the same as mine. The wide brim of her hat is shoving my backwards cap awry. Katie and Seamus run up to me and while Seamus licks the salt from my legs, Katie sits patiently until enough is enough and yipping, chases him around the deck. I inhale so deeply I imagine what my insides look like with this new air and how inflated my lungs are getting, pink and rubbery like the skin on that dolphin.

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