Saturday, October 18, 2008

Skipping Like a Schoolgirl!

I got Steven Tyler's autograph, I got Steven Tyler's autograph! And he KISSED me on the cheek with a hug!

I obviously knew he was from Boston, but he's actually from our area, and was right outside our local drugstore as he said his "kids go to school around here" and he's "doing the Dad thing".

I had my baby on my hip, with not a stitch of makeup and he was so very sweet, came into the store after I layered him with all my praises, and bestowed me with the above! Wow, this by far trumps my literal running INTO Goldie Hawn in at Logan airport.

Oh, and once inside the store, he actually started strumming on the back of a computer terminal and started SINGING!!!!!!


He did.

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Aerotica said...

Congratulations! What a thrill! Sounds like he's doing well and living clean...

I've never met him. Would LOVE to of course.

Enjoy reliving the moment!!!!!!

kramer's girl said...

Congrats on meeting Steven!! Enjoy every moment..

sakutak said...

Today is the day for Boston's "dad thing"...
Hoping some kind soul in the audience sneaks a photo to share somewhere.

KJ11 said...

Gosh you're soooo lucky!
I want to meet him sooo bad.

Ms Medieval said...

thats too sweet!! lucky woman