Monday, October 13, 2008


written February 1997

Mercury-like globules, highlighted by streaks of pink, peach, lavendar sun fade, melding with the bright strawberry red held within the bulbous translucent glass. Rivulets, sliding, coagulating, then streaking down the red and clear to pool with the brown of my skin. There is a slight rise as I inhale coconut, salt, strawberry and sweat. Wincing at salt dripped from my lashes. I turn to take in this Shang-Ra-La imitation that I am experiencing. Water choppy, rich and deeper than I could ever fathom. A deep, transparent, turquoise blue topped and fringed with fuzzy white, lulling and crashing into each other. Each little hill is branded with a sharp slice of orange red now while the sky is painted the same hue, enveloping its giant sun within its distances. I feel the lurching and gradual dips, like the sliding samples of an octive my ear has caught, within the place in my stomach that I filled with creamy delectables only a few hours ago. Now, that spot pins me down to the plastic sealed with a thin strip of wet to the under of my legs. As my gaze shoots to the farthest places it can touch, I separate the unification of the waves from the sky. Sky, purple red, water, blue purple. Slight touch on my shoulder, and I snag one earpiece with a fingertip while simultaneously twisting the rested muscles in my neck and shoulders. Pleasant man, white jacket, bending forward with a a tray, and I grin thankfully, refusing the service. "Caribbean Blue" whisks me away and I resume quiet, contemplative admiration.

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