Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Custom Slippers (171)

5 sets crocheted animal slippers
for Jackie F. $30.00 set

1. Patchwork Bunny (L)
2. Cherry (L)
3. Owl (XXL)
4. Kitty (XXL)
5. Baseball (XXL)

hook size: G4.5mm gauge: 4sc = 1", 9 rounds of sc = 2"

Patchwork Bunny
begun September 27
finished September 30

begun October 1
finished October 9
begun October 9
finished October 18 Kitty
begun October 18
finished October 25

begun November 5
finished November 10


gypsyknitta said...

These are OH so COOL!!! Pattern?

HoleyFiber said...

(Of Patchwork Bunny)
These are so much fun! Colors are great!

figment49 said...

(of Owl slippers)
Outrageous! They’re really wonderful……….wish I could crochet

MissBlu said...

(of Owl slippers)
They are stunning!

hawkwing said...

(of Owl slippers)
I love these.

hawkwing said...

(of Owl slippers)
Well, those slippers are kinda the coolest thing I ever saw:)

ahknits said...

(of Kitty slippers)
Fabulous! I teared up laughing when I saw this.

SingularOne said...

(of Owl slippers)
Oh what fun! Brilliant

SassySpecialK said...

(of Kitty slippers)
so great!!

(of Owl slippers)
These are fantastic!

Irishbaba said...

(Of Kitty slippers)
Sooo cute meow meow!!!

(Of Owl slippers)
PERFECT, just perfect!!! I can see why you keep selling this pattern, its absolutely adorable!