Friday, September 26, 2008

Custom Quilts

Prices begin at $600 for crib size to $1,950 for a king.

Custom quilts, hand stitched from your old shirts. School alumni, sports teams, baby clothes, options are endless... Available in crib to king sizes. Remember these are hand stitched, please allow for generous time.

King size requires 25 T/or long sleeved kid/adult shirts down to 6 for a crib sized quilt. If using baby clothes for quilt, the quantity will be more. Email me for Custom Quilt request form, all specifics are detailed here. Pricing considers if base blanket is provided by you or not. Shipping of final product will be calculated as an insured package from my destination to yours.
This specific blanket is not for sale, this is only an example. To purchase a Custom Quilt, click on the following link

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